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About Us

The professionals at CER have over 20 years of experience in supplying cables to the mainframe and telecommunications marketplace. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing our customers with the cables that they need in a timely manner and at a cost effective price. Our ISO 9001:2002 and RoHs Compliant Certificates allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on our products. We stock an extensive inventory of cable and connectors to facilitate quick turnaround on customer orders. In-house engineers also provide the capability to handle custom cable requirements quickly and professionally.

Started in 1995, CER was an asset-recovery company serving its customers by cable-mining and de-installation of obsolete equipment in data centers. Shortly afterwards, CER began providing cables to the same customers integrating the removal and addition of new infrastructure, all in one package. Savings to customers was instant as the two processes were incorporated into one job. There was no longer a need to deal with multiple vendors, as experienced personnel de-installed existing infrastructure to make way for the new FTS.

Providing the customer with the maximum value is the driving force behind what CER does, and "the more we can offer the customer" is the philosophy by which we operate. CER is able to bring to the customer just what they need - from one cable assembly to a totally new data center.

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